Company Background

Dale Operating Company (along with its predecessors and affiliates, collectively “Dale” or the “Company”) is a privately-held company based in Dallas, Texas, established by Lawrence B. Dale in 1981. The primary business is the acquisition, exploration, and production of oil and gas reserves, mainly in the United States.

Early Operations

For the first 25 years of its existence, Dale Operating focused on the exploration and development of oil and gas reserves in Texas and Louisiana. From 1981-2006, it drilled and operated over 350 vertical and horizontal wells ranging from 6,000 to 18,000 vertical feet in various reservoirs. Starting in South Louisiana, then moving to South and East Texas, and eventually to the Barnett Shale in North Texas, Dale developed significant expertise with horizontal drilling, fracture stimulation of tight reservoirs, management of 3-D seismic surveys, as well as the construction and operation of natural gas gathering system.


Urban Play

Dale Operating’s Barnett Shale properties were located in highly urbanized areas and involved many complex land acquisitions. To accomplish the task of leasing smaller tracts around company drill sites and obtain pipeline right-of-way through this area, it began employing and contracting a large land team that could close on these smaller and more complicated transactions.

In 2006, Dale divested its Barnett Shale assets and pipeline system and entered into a unique land service agreement under which Dale used its land expertise to continue to acquire leasehold for the buyer and help develop drillable units in the complex urban environment. Dale’s land services later expanded to portions of the Haynesville, Marcellus, and Utica Shale plays. While managing these land efforts, it developed a highly-skilled internal land team out of eight offices in Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.


Mineral & Non-Operated Leasehold Effort

In 2008, Dale Operating began to utilize its land teams to acquire mineral interests in various oil and gas producing regions throughout the United States. These acquisitions started in East Texas and shortly thereafter moved to include Bakken Shale play of the Williston Basin in North Dakota. The success in these early efforts led to expansion into the Permian, Anadarko, Appalachian and other basins.

Synergistic to its mineral effort, Dale began to acquire minority non-operated working interests in the core of the Bakken play. Dale has expanded this concept to include the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma while continuing with its effort in the Bakken.


Prospect Generation and Operations

In addition to the mineral and non-op leasehold efforts, Dale re-enters the prospect generation and operation aspect of the business, an effort that continues today.


Moving Forward

As Dale Operating has grown, its capital base has expanded from internal individuals and legacy partners to include multi-national banks, insurance companies, endowments, institutions, large family offices and other oil and gas companies. This growth has provided Dale with the opportunity to build a fully-integrated accounting and land administration system with state-of-the-art GIS support.

We are focused on acquiring quality oil and gas reserves.

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